Secondary Glazing – Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool

Why fit Secondary Glazing?


Secondary glazing can improve energy efficiency

Secondary glazing is a quick and easy way to improve heat and sound insulation. Draughty windows and external noise can make home or work life uncomfortable.

In conservation areas or on listed buildings secondary glazing can be installed without affecting the external character of the property. Secondary glazing panels can be clip on/off or sliding.

Reduce External Noise

Even through modern double glazing external noises can still be quite significant, affecting your internal environment.


Reduce noise and heat loss with secondary glazing

Fitting secondary glazing can dramatically reduce external noises from roads, rail, and airports.

Improve Heat Insulation

Secondary glazing is a fast and effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office.

Heat loss, even through double glazing, can be dramatically reduced with the simple addition of secondary glazing.


Sash windows benefit from secondary glazing

To find out more about how secondary glazing can improve heat and sound insulation in your home or workplace call the glass and glazing specialists on 0151 336 6020 or contact us here.