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Conservatory glass

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Conservatory Glass in Merseyside

Modern conservatories looked fantastic when they first became popular, but have you ever had a problem with your conservatory glazing?

Have you noticed how many conservatory companies will try to sell you a new conservatory rather than suggest a repair solution?

If there are problems with your conservatory glazing,  from misted double glazed units to broken or cracked conservatory glazing,

Replacing the glass in your conservatory windows or roof is far more cost effective than having a new conservatory built. If you would like to find out more information about our conservatory glass, please get in touch. 

Polycarbonate Roof Replacement

Polycarbonate has always been a popular material to use when building a conservatory. Polycarbonate is long lasting and cheap but doesn’t offer the same finish or energy efficiency of glass. Polycarbonate can also warp slightly over time which may cause leaks in your conservatory potentially leading to water damage. Our team specialise in the replacement of Polycarbonate roofing. Swapping for glass panels is a great way to transform your conservatory, improve the energy efficiency of your home and improve the security of your conservatory. 

Our team cover Merseyside, Wirral, Liverpool & Cheshire.

Specialist Glazing for Orangeries

An orangery was a room or a dedicated building from the 17th – 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during the winter. It was the predecessor of the modern conservatory. If you own a property with a historic orangery and the glass needs replacing or updating, our specialist glaziers can repair or replace the glass in line with any heritage requirements.

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Contact the Wirral Glazing Specialists and we can help you find and install the most suitable glass replacement for your project. For more details on conservatory glazing replacement in Wirral, Cheshire or Liverpool call the glass and glazing specialists on 0151 336 6020
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